His little voice

Johnny is in Speech. I used to teach Special Education so when he wasn’t “babbling” or saying words early on, I knew we needed to get him evaluated. At 18 months, he was assessed and lo and behold.. he needed Speech Therapy twice a week along with Special Instruction once a week. It’s definitely been an uphill battle with Johnny’s progress. He generally is a happy, sweet kid but gets easily frustrated and SO very angry because he’s unable to communicate his wants and needs. 

Being that I used to teach students who were language delayed, I’m fortunate that I have reference on how to help him, but I’ve learned that teaching your own child is MUCH more difficult than teaching a classroom of children!! I’m “Mom” not his speech therapist. I’m “Mom” so I know nothing other then giving kisses, hugs and love. SO..

I now know what my parents would say to me is true. “I work with my son/daughter all the time at home, I do what you do but get nowhere! How are you able to get my son/daughter to say/do that?!” My answer now is.. because you’re “Mom”.

I often hear people tell me, “Once they start talking, they don’t shut up!” And my reply? “You should never take that for granted, I can’t wait to hear him use his little voice.” The grass is never greener on the other side, it’s just a different shade through a different pair of eyes. Did that make sense? I’m tired.. it’s been a long day full of tantrums and guesstimating why he’s screaming/crying now. #passthewine

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