What’s in my Diaper Bag?

The diaper bag. It’s heavy and it literally has everything in it. You need a tide to go stick? I got it. You need tissues, wipes, chapstick, lipstick, tampons, body wash, a nail file or a sock? I gotchu! I no longer carry my own personal purse, all my stuff and the kids stuff is in the diaper bag. The diaper bag is now “life”. It needs to be refilled, rechecked and reorganized daily in order for you not to lose your shit when the baby takes a huge shit and you need all the shit to clean the shit.

My favorite type of diaper bag is the backpack diaper bag. In every Mommy group I’m in, the number one bag recommended is the backpack diaper bag and I completely agree. I also found that clear organizers or small pouches help keep everything organized for easy access.

I’m a breastfeeding Mama, so I don’t carry bottles with me unless I’m going to a party and know that I’m going to have some Mommy Juice (for me, mommy juice is wine and/or vodka) & Mommy juice is definitely needed… especially at family events. When I do carry bottles, I bring my ComoTomo bottles, pumped bubbie milk and a separate bottle bag.

Attached are links to some of my favorite items in my diaper bag:

Wipes. A package of wipes can be heavy. I prefer The Honest Company wipes & Kirkland brand wipes but Pampers makes smaller packaged wipes and they are much more convenient/lighter for the diaper bag.

Diapers. A lot of diapers.

Disposable Diaper sacks. These are perfect for dirty diapers and for those poopnamie covered clothes that always seem to happen when you’re out and about with the baby. Munchkin Arm and Hammer disposable bags come with a dispenser and they smell amazing.

A Changing Mat. Most diaper bags come with changing mats but I found this one much more functional as you can stick wipes and diapers in it and it still folds small. Zooawa

Portable Breast Pump. I recently found the Haaka portable breast pump which has helped my bubbies out more than once when we’ve been out!

FOR the Mamas:

  • Wallet
  • Chapstick
  • Lipgloss
  • Tide to Go Stick
  • Advil
  • Portable Charger
  • Extra Shirt

Basically, pack your whole nursery up and you should be good to go.


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