COVID-19 in kids and what you don’t hear about. “The After Shock”.

Johnny has COVID-19…. AGAIN. Yes, AGAIN. He tested positive in January, as did me and Xander. He had no symptoms, just Xander and me. He woke up with 105.4 fever this morning, March 24th, 2021. Last thing I thought was: COVID.

When I was pregnant with Johnny, I found out at my 20 week anatomy scan that he had a cystic left kidney. Some doctors have absolutely NO bedside manner, maybe no feelings. He then told me that I could “abort my baby” due to this. I kept calm, looked at him and asked, “WHY”. He kept cool and stated, “Its my legal responsibility to let you know this. He may be fine, may not be”. I walked out of his office thinking, No. Had my cry and then said to myself, this baby will be OKAY. WE will be okay.

I was sent to a Prenatal Urologist. I was beyond scared, emotional and nervous for what would come next. I was told that Johnny’s left kidney was not functioning, it was filled with cysts. But the right kidney was growing. I had to be monitored and go for an ultrasound every 2 weeks to make sure that my little babe’s right kidney was still growing and eliminating urine.

Thankfully, it was. Johnny has to be mindful of contact sports, needs reminders to drink A LOT of water daily and has to go for annual screens. His right kidney is called a “super kidney”. He’s my SUPER, amazing, loving, emotional, caring first baby and today…. scared me beyond belief.

Johnny had a low grade fever the night before, Xander wasn’t feeling well last week so I figured, virus? Gave him Motrin and he went to bed. When my alarm went off in the morning to get ready for work, I saw two little faces sleeping next to me. Kissed Xander, then Johnny. Johnny’s little head was on fire. Grabbed the thermometer and saw, 105.4. Blinked my eyes, took my temp which read, 97.8. Took Johnnys again… 104.7. Took Xanders, 98.1. Took Johnnys, 104.1.

Immediately, I threw a cold cloth on Johnny, woke him up and gave him Motrin. I had him stay up, talking to me while I got dressed and called the sitter to get at the house ASAP. First thing I thought: Kidney Infection. This is the start. Called my ex, let him know what was going on and that I was heading to the hospital.

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. Last time I was there was when Johnny had to go under multiple tests after he was born to analyze his kidney function. This time, I had no idea what to expect. He was admitted and a whole bunch of tests were administered. Hours came and went and then the doctor walks in with all the gear. THE COVID GEAR. My first response was, WHAT?! This has to be a joke. He already tested positive in January, THIS year!!

So what is the WTF. Apparently: kids are dirty little germs and carry all the cooooties. Seriously. When Johnny tested positive, he had NO symptoms. I was dying, couldn’t move, major body pain, Xander had a fever and explosive diarrhea. Johnny was running around and celebrating like it was 1999.

Bottom line (from what I am being told). Johnny definitely has COVID but it might have been just “brewing” in his little body from January. He could also have a mild case of: Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, which is a rare but serious complication associated with COVID-19. (MIS-C).

And……DRUMROLLLLLL…. This is what we, parents, don’t hear about. This is the “unknown”. This is “The After Shock”. COVID-19 is that boogie man that hides in your closet and then pops out when you least expect it. Who knew that COVID could BREW? Who knew about MIS-C?!

As of now, Johnnys fever still has not broke beyond 99.1, but I’ll take that over 105.4. He is being monitored by nurse mommy and the doctors are checking in continually in order to rule out MIS-C and to make sure his kidney is eliminating urine. Google it, click it, look it up. I didn’t. I didn’t even know this could happen. Never did I ever think this would happen to my little babe, but it did.

I wrote this blog due to what transpired on Monday and to the outpouring of love, comments and prayers left on my instagram post of Johnny. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

We don’t know everything as parents. Our parents may not know it all either, even though I think my mom does and I still call her for every little thing! I’m simply sharing this to let you all know what I found out about. Beware of that boogie man. I will update this blog, once we know more but THANK GOD, Johnny is ok! He’s slowly getting his energy back, drinking lots of water, ate sushi chicken and salmon roe LOL.

Share, comment, ask. I’m here. I felt the guilt, still do. But… I am doing my best in giving him all the love in my heart. We all do that for our little babes. We all worry. We all feel the guilt. We are human. We are moms. We are parents. We all are there for each other. We are strong. We are the love, the heart.


2 thoughts on “COVID-19 in kids and what you don’t hear about. “The After Shock”.

  1. Natalie Vero says:

    you are such a strong, smart beautiful mommy. Johnny will definitely overcome this b/c he is a fighter like you. Stay strong, sending love and prayers!


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