Woke up in September. October, where did you go?

Ohhhhhh September, you woke me in more ways than one. I learned that I am stronger than I thought, smarter than I thought and way more patient than I ever thought I could be.

September brought SO MUCH NEEDED change. A new job for start. And damn did I need that. I absolutely love my new job and all the fam that came with. I know A LOT of people that hate change and I get it BUT sometimes you need it without really knowing it! Change can be scary and overwhelming; for me? I need change, I need to switch it up. For example: my new classroom. I think my “wifey” and I have switched it up about 15 times now and it gets better every time 🙃 Change can be good, change can be scary but we all need to grow and learn. With that, comes change.

October brought a hairline fracture to my right ankle, unnecessary wrinkles and lots of ghouls that don’t tickle my sprinkle….👻 shhhhhh!! Thats a whole other blog for another day, coming sooooon.

ON Monday, November starts. I’m looking forward to whatever this coming month will bring. This blog post feels like my October. Short, sweet, spicy, crazy and fast. Let’s hope for clear skies, crisp fall air and snuggled up thighs. Just kidding… maybe.


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