OHHHH 2021. What a roller coaster of a year you had us on. Lots of ups, downs, many twists and turns that went into the right/wrong direction. This year I felt… overwhelmed. A massive weight was lifted from my chest in 2020. I found myself again, found my energy and truly started to appreciate just how strong I actually am.

2021 brought; more Covid, chaos, shutdowns, hysteria, death, sadness, anxiety and above all, love. LOVE. The meaning of just how short this life can be and what it means to live in the moment. What it means to really love the ones you love because it can all be taken away from you within the blink of an eye. To hold your babies tight, to love your family, and to love yourself. Know your worth, know the love you have and want to give but, only to those who deserves it. Know yourself and how strong you are, even when you feel overwhelmed.

I found meditation and Gabrielle Bernstein (an author who has helped me in more ways than one, find her, download her.). I found myself healing with daily positive affirmations, words of wisdom though audible books on my drive to and from work and the power of ENERGY. I found that its okay to cry, to scream and to let go of what you can’t control. I found myself wanting and needing things I didn’t want and need. But most of all, I found me. I found myself and now know exactly what I actually want and need.

I want my children to know and feel love. I want energy. Positive, loving, healing, protective energy. I will surround myself with those that want/feel the same. I will not feed or dwell on the negative energy that surrounds me. I want to be free of what I can not control and will not be overwhelmed by it. I will RISE up. Even if that means having to dust myself off over and over again. It’s NOT how you fall but how you get back up. Climbing that mountain is not easy. Loving yourself is not easy. Knowing your self-worth is not easy. Knowing what you want and need, is not easy.

What 2021 has taught me is that: it will be worth the fall. Life, “adulting” and everything all included is SCARY. This life we are living in is SCARY. But… I will tell you a secret. Finally finding yourself is worth it. That climb will be worth it. That fall, will be worth it.

2022…. I’m ready. Bring it. You’re going to see me RISE.

She’s everything the devil see’s that he can’t be.

GLORY and RISE UP my beeeetches.


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