Not All That Wonder are Lost… Some are Just Mamas in Hobby Lobby.

Hobbies. Why is it that when you get divorced, people will tell you that you need a hobby? I have MANY hobbies. I love to craft, I love to read, I used to love to go to the gym but; I’m a single mama, have these 2 little people who need me 24/7 and a full-time job that sucks all my down time away.

SO.. I decided to find myself again. I didn’t want just another “hobby”… I wanted something that would make me feel good. I was in a meeting at work, and a co-worker was talking about a book by, Gabrielle Bernstein. She writes about her life and most of all, meditating. I felt a tug, like a light switch that turned on inside of me and started reading, “The Universe Has Your Back.” I was hooked. Her words, her voice, her experiences… they all resonated with me. From that point on, I continued to wander in the world of hobbies.


Meditating. This has been my therapy. Once the kids are in bed, I will sit with calming music, journal and will float into a world that is all my own. Meditating makes me feel calm, helps me decompress and allows me to sit with myself and reflect. I reflect on my day, my thoughts, my choices, my life. I manifest. I manifest what I need guidance in, what I may be needing, wanting and feeling. I have books on audible and listen to them to and from work. I have learned that you NEED to make time for yourself, which is something that I have been lacking.


While at work, I was talking to another co-worker about finding meditation and we started talking about crystals. She is a crystal lover, I had no idea. She then handed me my first 2 crystals. Once in my hand, I knew this was the piece missing in my mediation journey. I needed crystals. I felt those crystals come alive in my hands. I felt all the feels.

I am now obsessed with crystal hunting. I started researching what crystals can do to help with meditating and manifestation. I carry or wear crystals daily, feeling all the energy, the vibes. I find myself reaching for them, needing them on those days when life feels completely out of control and is spinning into a whirlwind of chaos.

My two boys love the crystals. I didn’t “introduce” the crystals or really explain what and why they were in the house. They were curious about them. Xander will say to me, “Mama I need calm crystal!” They both ask for a crystal to sleep with and hold them while falling asleep. Johnny and Xander feel the energy, the crystals make them feel safe and protected. I absolutely love that my boys feel drawn to them and they now ask questions. Johnny will tell me about his day and say, “Mom, I think I need to hold this crystal tonight”…. pointing at the golden healer palm. Crystals have guided a realignment, the energy in myself as well as in my 2 babes.


It all started when a Special Ed Teacher walked into a Pre-K Teacher’s room and fell in love with a plant. From that point on, it was plant at first sight. I now have “Plant Babies” and a “Plant Baby Daddy”. What the fucculant you ask?! I guess I’m a succa for love. LOL. Never have I ever been a plant person, but I am now! My boys love watering the “babies” and watching them grow, just as I love watching my 2 boys grow, love and be surrounded by the amazing energy in our house.

Hobbies are good to have. Everyone needs a hobby, right?! I found mine.

I found inspiration. I found a new outlet. I found; how I can love myself again. I found a new outlook on life. I found how I can choose to look at all the obstacles in my life in a different light. I found a passion and a path. I found what I needed and will continue to keep learning, growing.

To my co-workers/friends who guided me without even knowing they were guiding me, I appreciate you. Thank you.


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