Keeping all the Toys Organized…

I hate toys. Yes, I said it, I HATE TOYS. They get everywhere, they are these huge plastic things that your kids will play with for about 2 seconds and then are done with, they crowd everything and get everywhere!

SO, do my kids have toys? Yes. I’m not that mean of a mommy… depending on the day?! BUT all the toys have a place, are hidden and I purge once a month. One of the best things I ever did was move my living room around. I pulled the couch forward and created a “play area” behind the couch. We also have a playroom downstairs, which never gets used. Why? because kids are needy little creatures who need to have you in their sight at all times. Cute but not.

After moving the living room around, it still annoyed me that the now “upstairs play area” was getting messy. My boys would pull all the toys out and not clean up. My solution? A storage crate, bins and the clean up song. Inside those bins, ziplocked toys. You want to have your lunch? Sing that clean up song first, clean and THEN you can have your lunch. You want a snack? Go sing, clean up and THEN you can have your snack. It works, most of the time and I’ll take it!

Other tricks I’ve found to keep organized and hide the toys away? Vintage suitcases and trunks. I’m a lover for a good antique shop or a good yard sale!! I’m also a lover for a good DIY project to make it my own which is another blog for another time ifffff I ever get time.

After I had Johnny, the first thing I thought of was; what if I have another boy? I need to organize and put all the clothes away. So I did. In huge ziplock sealed bags that were labeled with clothes size, season and shoe size. I then put them in big plastic bins and put them on the storage shelf in the garage. But first- I have a laundry bin in each of my boys closets. When they grow out of something, in the bin it goes which makes organizing so much easier. I have to admit, smartest idea ever. I ended up having another boy and unpacking and organizing him has been a breeze!

Moral of the blog?! ORGANIZE it ALL!! It will help your sanity, it will help in the future AND if your kids know where everything goes, then your husband should know too!

Everything is linked below but if you have any questions, feel free to message me!!

xoxo Dana

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